Presenting Swiss Construction Data

Presenting Swiss Construction Data

Swiss construction market currently

The Swiss Construction market has a variety of cost classification formats at its disposal, namely; EKG, eBKP-h and BKP. Each one providing advantages and disadvantages depending on the size and complexity of your project. However, the existing Swiss cost presenting formats provide limited aid for an international comparison. To alleviate this, Ecas has been a firm promotor of the newly launched International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS).

ICMS Database

This ICMS ‘template’ will allow greater accuracy in conducting international construction cost comparisons. As a dedicated ICMS partner company, we have been working hard in attempting to transfer our database of projects using the existing Swiss cost estimating formats into the new ICMS system.

Applying ICMS

There is still a lot of work remaining, but despite this, we felt you might like to see how the new ICMS format compares with the existing Swiss EKP, eBKP-h and BKG. To achieve this, we have taken from our database the final account of an international school in the Canton of Zurich and applied it to all 4 cost classification systems. The results of which show how, depending on which one is chosen, the results can be presented differently for the same project.

PDF available here: Swiss Construction Data

We hope you find this information useful,

Derek Hill MRICS
Partner, Ecas Benchmarks Manager